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Julie Doing Yoga in Weird Places

“Yeah, I’m bendy. That’s about all I got goin’ for me.” -Julie
In case you couldn’t tell from Jules’ previous post, sometimes she and I do yoga. And by sometimes, I mean a lot of the time. We do yoga even when we aren’t doing yoga. It’s a lifestyle, you know? Namaste, chakras, kale, spandex. Scratch the kale though, because that shit’s gross, and the chakras, because we can only ever remember the forehead one. So our yoga lifestyle consists largely of not showering for as long as possible after practice and overusing the hands-in-prayer iPhone emoji.
And, most importantly, Julie Doing Yoga in Weird Places.
JDYWP started at a party at Franklin Pierce University, where we were visiting our good friend Dylan from high school. Jules and I were talking about yoga (obviously, what else is there to talk about at a party) and we realized there was enough room where we were standing for Julie to demonstrate Tree Pose. And she did. In the middle of Dylan’s apartment. Surrounded by people we had just met.

It was awesome. Thus, JDYWP was born.
I think it’s important to note that Julie is probably the bendiest person I know. She can put her palms flat on the ground with straight legs. She can crank her foot behind her head. Sometimes her arm does this.

Okay so that last one is less due to bendiness and more due to the fact that she broke her arm in three places in fourth grade, but still. The girl can yoga. I, on the other hand, grimace every time I have to sit on my knees, and my hips are so tight that sitting in the butterfly position feels like well-orchestrated political torture. Being a decidedly un-bendy person, I am fascinated by Julie’s flexibility. She’s like my own personal Gumby. I just twist her leg around her waist and leave her places.
Sometimes JDYWP happens of its own accord. Sometimes it happens because I realize we’re in a public place with enough room for contortion and shout, “JULES! DO SOME YOGA!” Every time it happens I try to capture the magic on camera, with what I’d estimate to be an 85% success rate. (JDYWP happens with or without a camera handy. I just take it upon myself to be primary documenter of the phenomenon.)
Here’s what I’ve gathered thus far.

(Note the mysterious leg bruise.)

Stay bendy, my friends.

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