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Hannah Being Psyched in Normal Places

You guys, I am a decidedly bad picture-taker.

To begin, I’m pretty un-photogenic. It’s like I always think I know what face I’m making, then I look at the photo and am totally surprised by what my face actually looks like. How the hell were my eyes closed? What’s my chin doing? I never told it to do that.

But beyond that, it almost never occurs to me to even take a picture. And when I do, there’s usually a tell-tale sign that I was the photographer somewhere in the photo. The people are posing adorably in front of a bathroom door we forgot to close. The corner of my pinky finger is peaking into the picture of the pretty sunset. I accidentally cropped out half of the iconic monument in the background.

That’s why I took so strongly to badly cropped selfies in famous places

In contrast, Hannah is a pretty good picture-taker. She tells me to move my arm or something because it looks weird. She knows where to stand in the apartment to get decent lighting. (Sidenote- almost no where in our apartment has decent lighting. Except maybe the bathroom.) But above all, she always thinks to whip her phone out and snap a quick picture.

I usually make fun of her. Then we look back through our photos years later and she’s got all the good ones. Touché, Hann.

Recently I’ve been trying to step up my game. Remember Julie Doing Yoga in Weird Places? Well now I’ve got a photo-series of my own:

Hannah Being a Tourist in Mundane Places.

It all began Meg’s younger sister’s 21st birthday. Molly is really cool as far as younger siblings go, so Hann and I jumped at the chance to hang out with her and tour the Sam Adams brewery in Boston one weekend. The two of us were milling around before the tour started, and we found these guys.


As far as we knew, they were just cardboard cutouts of two random brewery workers. But just in case they like invented beer or something, I told Hann to get a picture. “Look wicked fucking psyched!” I told her.

She didn’t take my cue.

It didn’t stop there. Hannah also posed enthusiastically with some juniper berries, some dried plums, and other run-of-the-mill brewery things. I just laughed and clicked.

And thus, Hannah Being a Tourist in Mundane Places was born.

After exploiting my abnormally long arms and flexibility for goofy photos for years, I think she knows she owes me. So she’s been a pretty good sport.

Quick! Get a picture of me in the office where we work!

Smile, Hanny!

Oh, I know, I’ll get a picture like you’re holding the moose! Nailed it. 


Almost nailed it. 

sheryl and marv

This time we actually dressed up like tourists for a theme party. We were Sheryl and Marv, crotchety middle-aged couple attempting to save their failing marriage with a second honeymoon.

Stay psyched, my friends.


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