About Us

We are Hannah & Julie.

Goofballs and scholars. Roommates and co-founders of this blog. Best friends since high school (sort of). Tragically heterosexual.

About Julie, Written By Hannah

Julie Riley gives the best hugs and always has bruises on her legs from bumping into tables by accident. She’s currently in her second year of grad school at the University of New Hampshire, and will soon be the world’s best Speech Language Pathologist. Julie loves The Who, learning about the world, debating politics after a few beers, and swimming in the ocean. A lot of the books she reads have titles like Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World and Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. Her voice is higher-pitched than she’d like it to be, so a lot of people automatically think she’s nice. She kind of hates this. (She is far spunkier than her voice would like you to think.)

Julie is waiting tables in Colorado this summer and wearing a lot of colorful bandanas in her hair. She recently saw a bear in Rocky Mountain National Park and did not shit her pants. She still wears a lot of black tank tops.



About Hannah, Written By Julie

(Photo courtesy of Vital)

Hannah Drake has incredible hair and always has a book/movie/song recommendation that is perfect for you. She really listens to you when you talk, and she makes a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies. Currently Hannah (Digital Marketing Queen) is kicking ass at her first post-college job; they’ve already promoted her and given her all sorts of important new projects. She’ll lovingly poke fun at corporate culture any time you instigate her. Hannah loves chai lattes, thought-provoking podcasts, exercising for good causes, and philosophical conversations.

Hannah broke her arm this summer and she now has a titanium elbow. It hasn’t slowed her down for a second. If you’re ever wondering who that actor was from that one movie, guarantee you she knows. She has the perfect Louis CK quote to fit any moment. She gets lost a lot, but she always figures it out. She still brings M&M’s with her everywhere she goes.